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Replacement Dome

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* This is only the glass dome- NOT the rose, or the wooden base *

Accidents happen and glass breaks- We have a replacement for that! But, this replacement is going to be imperfect. Each of the domes sold as replacements are going to have imperfections, whether that be a scratch or blemish in the glass. These domes can be turned to hid the imperfection in most cases, though we are not promising that you won't be able to see it if you look for it.

Please include a note or email with your current base's diameter (where the glass sits) to ensure our glass dome will fit your style. If you purchased a dome before 2021 it may not sit flush.

Once these are sold out, we will have no domes to sell.

This is only a glass dome replacement. This does not include the rose, petals, stem, wooden base, etc.

We ship domes in a 17x12x10 box via UPS Ground (unless your address is a PO).

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We are on vacation and will be back Monday 5/15. If you have a question about a current order you can send us an email- we will reply when able to.

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