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Q: Are your flowers delicate?

A: No, they are actually pretty durable.  The aluminum can be bent back into shape if a piece is dropped or bent by accident. Some flowers have more delicate parts than others, but they are all quite strong.  

Q: How big are the flowers?

A: All of Scott's flowers are true to size.  They are approximately the same size and length as the real flower they replicate.  Most single flowers are 12-14" long.

Q: Can I put the flowers outside?

A: Yes. The flowers will never rust.  With the exception of the chrome colored flowers, all of the colored flowers are UV resistant, and will not fade or dull in the sun.  We recommend applying a clear coat to any polished pieces if you will be keeping them outdoors.  The polished finish can turn hazy over time when exposed to the elements. The only exception is the chrome powder coat finish.  That finish is recommended for indoor display only.  

Q: Do you offer custom colors?

A: Yes. There are thousands of colors available and we would be happy to find the perfect color for you. Whether it's a certain sports team or just a special color, we can color match nearly anything. Please allow up to 2 weeks to ship special orders.

Q: What is the turnaround time for engraved plaques?

A: The engraved plaques usually take less than a week to ship.

Q: Can I rent flower centerpieces for my wedding?

A: Absolutely. We can ship our flowers anywhere in the US for your event.  Once you're done, you just pack them up and ship them back to us.  E-mail us for more details.  

Q: I really screwed up.  Can your flowers save my relationship?

A: Well, maybe. Buying handmade metal flowers will really show that you put some thought into the gift, so it's definitely better than some real flowers that die in two days.  However, we can't promise that you still might not spend a night or two on the couch.

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