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USA Heirloom

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Our USA Heirloom begins with a sheet of bare aluminum. The template is created and then cut out. From there, we begin a series of bending, forming and stamping until we achieve the shape we are after. The rose is then assembled. Once assembled, the rose gets powder coated and airbrushed.

This rose is only available in the heirloom style as pictured, with the white stem. It is made to order with an expectancy of 5-7 business days before shipping.

Heirloom dimensions: 13"L, 5"W (width varies slightly as each is handformed)

* A special note- this rose is airbrushed. Hints of overspray may be noticeable where the colors overlap. The stars may not be perfectly defined, but I will do my best to make them as white and crisp as possible.

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We are on vacation and will be back Monday 5/15. If you have a question about a current order you can send us an email- we will reply when able to.

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