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The Sundelion Replica

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The Sundelion began as a custom request that was so fun to make, we decided to offer it as part of our catalog. This replica starts as a flat sheet of bare aluminum. We created a template that is cut, and then we begin to hand form every aspect of this piece from the flower and buds, down to the stem and leaves. This particular piece is unique in that we powder coat it white and then airbrush the entire piece. A true work of art and labor of love to bring this replica to life!

Processing Time- This piece is airbrushed by hand from top to bottom. Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping.

Shipping- This piece will ship in a plain 16x10x10 box. Please note that rushing shipping does not change our processing time. It simply gets the package to you quicker once the Sundelion is made.

Dimensions: 10"L 10"W 15"H

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